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This Minion triggers an effect immediately before being summoned from the Action Bar.

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  • Will not trigger if you summon a Minion using a spell such as Nether Summoning, it has to be summoned from your action bar.
  • While Opening Gambit is the most common ability, each card has a unique effect!
  • It’s important to note that the trigger occurs before the minion is summoned - Minions such as Hearth-Sister will swap positions before you capture a Mana Spring tile!
  • Therefore the effect also happens if the minion instantly dies because of Flash Reincarnation or Kujata.
  • Opening Gambit should not be confused with Bond, which requires a friendly minion from the same tribe to be on the battlefield and triggers even if the minion is not summoned from the player's action bar.


  • Plan when you'll play an Opening Gambit during your turn carefully. Some are much better at the beginning of your turn, while others require you to position first.
  • Minions with Opening Gambit have less Attack and Health than equally costed minions that don't, so make sure when you summon them you're getting the most out of their ability!

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