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Phoenix Fire.png
Faction Songhai Empire
Cost 2

Ability Deal 3 damage to anything.

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Deal 3 damage to anything.

Patch Notes[]

Card Lore[]

Reva Eventide cast her hands forward, waking a fire of an old kind that burned for a thousand years. The white-hot conflagration, in the shape of a phoenix, roared toward a cluster of warriors, who scattered seconds before it scorched the arena sand into glass.

Reva blinked through the men like a wraith, hilt-first, incapacitating everyone she encountered. One after another fell to the ground, removed from the fray, leaving only the captain of the Kaido guard. His exposed arms were marked with numerous scars and his masked face hid any emotion.

Reva smiled at him. ‘Yield.’

He remained still, obscuring any predictions to his next attack. Seconds passed.

‘I won’t ask twice.’

He did not hesitate, dropping from his stance and bowing deeply. ‘I yield, General Eventide.’

The general returned her blades back to her scabbards, reciprocating his bow.

The captain sighed. ‘Forgive my impertinence, General Reva, but that initial volley of Phoenix Fires could easily have killed someone if any of them had been caught off guard.’

‘Better to discover it during a training exercise rather than on the field of battle,’ she countered, ‘here, it would cost them their own lives and, in the eyes of some, my honor. In war, there is no honor.’

‘Lady Eventide!’

The messenger approached her with a bow, sneaking a glance at the smoking crater nearby. ‘My lady, we have received an important missive from Starhorn the Seeker.’

Reva’s expression darkened.

The messenger hesitated, bowing low as to kiss the floor. ‘Starhorn the Seeker claims that the Ghost Tiger has communed with the reincarnation of Kaon Deladriss from the Mists, and that Kaleos Xaan is destined to rule over all of the Songhai Empire, from the Fist of the Four Winds to the Saberspine Mountains.’

Reva felt something cold settle in her chest. 'I will meet him at the Temple.'

[To Be Continued]


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