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Primus Fist
Faction Neutral
Cost 2
Attack 2
Health 3

Ability Opening Gambit: Give a nearby friendly minion +2 Attack this turn.

Spirit orb

Introduction[ | ]

Primus Fist is a Neutral Common Minion. He is a two core minion with two attack and three health. His Opening Gambit is temporary and should be used on minions that can attack immediately in order to assure that you can trade up with your opponent. Like most Opening Gambits this can only target friendly minions, and of those only those nearby where you summon Primus Fist.

The ability to give buffs is shared with other cards such as Songweaver and Azure Horn Shaman.

Strategy[ | ]

Even though Primus Fist has a powerful Opening Gambit, he still has premium stats for his cost and even has better distribution than Skyrock Golem. He shares this trait with other Opening Gambit two drops such as Healing Mystic and Rust Crawler. Because of these stats he can be played without his Opening Gambit early game without losing much tempo. However it is preferred to use the gambit in order to get the maximum value out of Primus Fist. This effect is best used on Ranged minions since they can abuse the attack buff without getting killed.

Balance Changes[ | ]

Unkown - Added. Primus Fist 2 mana 2/2 Opening Gambit: Give a nearby friendly minion provoke.

v. 0.0.19 - Stats raised from 2/2 to 2/3. Text changed to "Opening Gambit: Give each friendly nearby minion +1 Attack."

v. 0.61.0 - Text changed to "Opening Gambit: Give a nearby friendly minion +2 attack."

v. 1.63 - Buff only lasts until the end of the turn.

Animations[ | ]

Animations[ | ]

Primus Fist idle
Primus Fist breathing
Primus Fist run
Primus Fist attack
Primus Fist death