Duelyst Wiki

Primus Shieldmaster
Faction Neutral
Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 6

Ability Provoke

Spirit orb

Description[ | ]

Provoke Primus Shieldmaster is a four mana cost, Neutral Basic Minion given to players when they start the game. This minion has 3 attack and 6 health, making this minion extremely durable for its cost. In addition, this minion has Provoke which makes this minion a major obstacle for the opposing general as they have to direct valuable resources to destroy this minion if they are caught nearby it.

Usage[ | ]

Primus Shieldmaster is primarily used as an Area Denial minion, preventing the opponent's general and minions from moving and attacking key targets. In addition, if this minion receives buffs in attack and/or health, it could transform from a major obstacle to a massive threat. This Provoke Minion can be used both offensively and defensively.

Offense[ | ]

Primus Shieldmaster can be used offensively by dropping it nearby a enemy general that is fleeing from your minions and your general. Stopping the target's movement for at least one turn could lead to the killing blow on to the enemy general. In addition, it could prevent out of reach minions from reaching their general.

Defense[ | ]

Primus Shieldmaster can be used defensively by dropping it nearby your general and attracting the aggression of the enemy minions. This allows your general to safely escape and recruit forces and spells. This can also be useful for setting traps for the enemy general and their forces in the forms of buffs that make this minion stronger and harder to deal with.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Any Dispel effect would remove the Provoke Ability from Primus Shieldmaster, leaving only a 3 attack, 6 health minion. Two Neutral cards that utilize Dispel include Ephemeral Shroud and Lightbender.

In addition, this minion can be destroyed by reducing its health to zero.

Balance Changes[ | ]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Primus Shieldmaster 4 mana 1/8 Provoke

v. Unknown - Stats changed to 2/6.

v. 0.62.0 - Stats raised to 3/6.

Animations[ | ]

Primus Shieldmaster idle
Primus Shieldmaster breathing
Primus Shieldmaster run
Primus Shieldmaster attack
Primus Shieldmaster death