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Nearby enemies can select ONLY this Minion as an Attack target and cannot move.


  • Provoke is a secondary specialty of Lyonar.
  • If your enemy is Provoked by multiple Minions at once, they can choose any Provoke Minion to target.
  • Even though you can't attack any other target, you don't have to attack a Provoke Minion, you can choose not to attack instead.


  • Placing yourself directly between a Provoke and the edge of the battlefield covers you from all sides.
  • Provoke can be used to lock enemies down to allow you and your army to catch up and get some good swings in!
  • If your opponent has Provoke minions you can't destroy, try dispelling them or pushing them away with cards like Ephemeral Shroud or Repulsor Beast.
  • Frenzy is also a good parry if your opponent is trying to stop you from attacking rather than moving (as Frenzy hits all enemies it will counteract tactics such as placing a Provoke minion next to a General to draw damage away from them.)

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