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Attack from anywhere on the battlefield.

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  • Your General *with Cyclone Mask equipped* or Minions with Ranged do not take counterattacks from far away enemies! You will still take counterattacks if you Attack adjacent enemies though.
  • Ranged is counterattacked by other Ranged, but not by Blast.


  • Ranged can make great use of Attack buffs to pick off enemies from a distance and free from harm.
  • Before attacking, remember to move your Ranged minion so that they stay safe while kiting around the battlefield.
  • Ranged units need to be kept safe because they are weak. Even at a safe distance, spells usually make short work of them.
  • If you really need an ace up your sleeve, Crossbones is the ultimate counter to any Ranged minion, even the infamous MECHAZ0R!

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