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Rise of the Bloodbound is the second expansion set for Duelyst released December 2016 in Patch 1.78 and contains 39 cards. It also introduces a new keyword mechanic Blood Surge which activates when a general uses his Bloodbound Spell.

Patch 1.92 combined Ancient Bonds and Rise of the Bloodbound to one expansion called Bloodbound Ancients.

List of Cards[edit | edit source]

Images of all Rise of the Bloodbound cards can be found here.

On this wiki, all cards from Rise of the Bloodbound can be found in Ancient Bonds

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Name got changed from "Rise of the Bloodborn" to "Rise of the Bloodbound".
  • Before patch 1.92 there was a different distribution model for this expansion:
 *It can be obtained for 3900 gold or $20 for the whole set or 300g or $2,99 for one orb.
 *If bought completely for $20 any extra Orbs purchased before will refund 300 gold (per Orb).
 *Orbs will include 3 sets (3x of a card) and never any duplicates, meaning 9 cards per Orb (and a total of 13 orbs for the set). Rarities inside will be one set of commons, one set of rares, and either an epic or 
 legendary set.
 *The cards can't be crafted except Prismatic versions of cards you do own. Cards you gain from this set cannot be disenchanted either (except for Prismatics of course).