Enables this Minion to move and Attack on the same turn that it is summoned.


  • Rush minions are great for taking your opponent by surprise.
  • Rush minions have weaker stats and are typically much more frail than other equally costed minions, so make sure to take advantage of how suddenly they appear on the battlefield.
  • Vetruvian have Structures and spells that will summon Dervish with Rush, but those minions only exist until the end of turn.
  • Dispeling your own Rush minion after it is summoned with something like Primal Ballast or Lightbender will remove the Rush effect.


  • Summoning Rush Minions adjacent to your other Minions allows you to extend the effective Attack range of your Rush Minion.
  • Inversely, you can use Rush Minions as a launch pad to summon your other Minions closer!

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