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Saberspine Tiger.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 2

Ability Rush

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A neutral, basic Rush minion, Saberspine Tiger has the ability to quickly attack weak minions in the enemies backlines, such as Ranged Minions. Having 3 attack means it will most likely kill other minions in the early game, but due to only having 2 hp means it will most likely get killed by whatever it is attacking as well. That said, there are many 1 attack minions it can kill and still be on the board such as Wraithlings, Katara and Heartseekers. Saberspine Tiger proves itself to be effective at any point in the game as you can use it to kill troublesome backline minions, buff it up (with things such as Greater Fortitude, Roar and Killing Edge) to combine with Rush for immidiate value or to hold in your hand as a finisher for the extra damage you need to close out the game. Saberspine Tiger fits nicely in any faction due to its versatility, and is often a staple in many budget decks.

After its mana cost nerf Tiger doesn't provide a turn 1 answer as Player 2 anymore. As a consequence turn 1 plays as player 1 are more difficult to remove and therefore ramp into 4 mana more often.


Ranged minions tend to be more powerful in Gauntlet (due to removal being less guarenteed than in Ranked) and unaccounted-for Ranged minions can easily take over a game. Ranged minions however, at the cost of their reach, often have poor stats, and Saberspine Tiger can kill most ranged minions without trouble due to a decent 3 attack and being able to move/attack quickly thanks to Rush. An excellent choice for Gauntlet.


There was a winter-related quest called Frostfire Festival that granted players (after completing 15 quests) a special skin that changed Saberspine Tigers typically blackish-red scheme to a blue and white hue.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Saberspine Tiger 3 mana 3/2 Frenzy

v. 0.0.4 - Stats changed to 3/3.

v. 0.0.14 - Stats changed to 3/2. Removed Frenzy. Added Rush.

v. 0.61.0 - Stats changed to 4/1.

v. 1.63 - Stats changed to 3/2.

v. 1.92 - Mana cost changed from 3 to 4.


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