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Scion's Second Wish.png
Faction Vetruvian Imperium
Cost 2

Ability Give a friendly minion +2/+2. It takes no damage from Generals.

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Give a friendly minion +2/+2. It takes no damage from Generals.

Patch changes[]

  • Patch 0.0.18
    • Card text changed to [Draw 2 cards] and rarity changed to basic.
  • Patch 0.0.14
    • Cost reduced to 2, but no longer grants +2/+2.
  • Previously Was [Rare. 4 Mana. Give two friendly minions +2/+2 and Celerity]

Card Lore[]

She could not free herself of the Melding pit, although her form became more and more solid by the moment.

At the edge of the pit the semicircle of armored figures continued to sing. The tallest one detached itself from them. It walked into the pit and toward her, unharmed by the ritual. Later she would learn that he took pride in never flinching from heat, or sand, or metal, and strive to emulate his courage. He did not kneel, but offered her his gauntleted hand.

She hesitated, worried that her fingers would melt off as they had the first time she had reached out. But his steadiness reassured her, and she grasped his hand. He hauled her to her feet.

‘You created me,’ she said, wondering.

‘I am Zirix Starstrider,’ he said, ‘and you are my first success.’ He gestured at the waiting semicircle of sandmetal-sheathed figures. ‘The Rite Masters, Mirage Masters, and I have worked long and hard toward this moment. Our first scion. An empty sandshield, sentient in her own right.’

She lifted her hands and studied them. Empty, yes, despite the animating principle of heat. She sensed the truth of that. The man before her was also armored in a sandshield, but it served as a carapace for something within, a being of flesh and sinew and bone.

‘The Mirage Masters brought the city,’ she said.

‘We excavated a Melding machine from the past to make this possible,’ Zirix said. ‘The resources of every era are open to us.’

Involuntarily, she cast her gaze back toward the phantom city and its minarets. Half a step into a dream and she would be able to climb the stairs, see what its inhabitants had seen from the high walls. She could not tell how far away it was, or how near. But the lens apparatus shone behind her, indisputably solid.

‘You will need a name,’ Zirix added. ‘What do you want to call yourself?’

She had language, knew words. But she had not, until that moment, realized the importance of names. Nevertheless, she knew what to say. ‘Give me a name that will please you. A name from the old city.’

At first she could not tell if she had displeased him. Then Zirix nodded. ‘You will be Sajj,’ he said, ‘after a soldier who fell defending the city from invaders in a time long ago and far away. Shards of her sword, pulled out of that past battle, are part of you now.’

‘Sajj,’ she repeated. ‘I will serve you as she served.’

This time, when he spoke, approval warmed his voice. ‘Then welcome to the Vetruvian Imperium, Sajj.’

She knew then that she would brave anything to further Zirix's ambitions.

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