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Faction Songhai Empire
Cost 2

Ability Put an EXACT copy of a friendly minion into your action bar.

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Trials of Mythron


Put an EXACT copy of a friendly minion into your action bar.


  • Buffs and other effects will be present when you summon the copy. Ex: Stunned minion copied will come in play Stunned.
  • A copy of a damaged minion will come into play fully healed, however.
  • Minions that have completed their build will be summoned unbuilt.
  • Copies of minions that haven't completed their build will have their build counter reset when summoned.
  • Temporary buffs such as Saberspine Seal on the EXACT copy on your hand will vanish once the player ends the turn.


  • You can duplicate key minions, but they come at a +2 cost. Play it on your lethal threats and victory conditions to back them up (such as MECHAZ0R!). Your opponent is going to pay 2+ on on removal too, and if he doesn't this means you're winning.
  • Play it on buffed minions, to reduce the "cards per body" average and duplicate a good combo result.
  • It's probably better to keep your copied minion out of reach of mass removal (avoiding Lightbender, EMP, Eternity Painter, etc.)

Still, due to the nature of Duelyst effectiveness/cost ratios which augment drastically from one turn to the next, your best threat at turn N will be a much lesser asset on turn N+1 or N+2. Consequently, only the maximum and optimal threats of your deck are really valid targets for Second Self.

Balance Changes[]

v. 1.95 - added with Trials of Mythron expansion


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