Shadow Creep.png
A special tile which is generated from some Minions and spells.
At the end of your turn, Shadow Creep deals 1 damage to enemies standing on your Shadow Creep tiles.


  • Shadow Creep is exclusive to the Abyssian.
  • Shadow Creep belonging to you has a light purple tint, and Shadow Creep belonging to your enemy has a red tint.
  • Shadow Creep is affected by Dispels that target tiles.
  • Spawning Shadow Creep on a tile that already has enemy Shadow Creep in it will make it yours.
  • If you hover over the General you see how many Shadow Creep tiles they have.


  • Using Daemonic Lure on an enemy to move it onto a Shadow Creep tile effectively damages it for 2 Health, rather than one.
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