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Silhouette Tracer.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 4
Attack 2
Health 6

Ability Opening Gambit: Teleport your General up to 3 spaces.

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Opening Gambit: Teleport your General up to 3 spaces. Silhouette Tracer is a Common Neutral Minion. It costs four cores, has two attack six health and "Opening Gambit: Teleport your General up to 3 spaces". It has a comparable effect to Mist Walking which is a spell that costs one, but can only teleport your general two spaces and has no body to go along with it. Silhouette Tracer's Opening Gambit is very versatile, it can allow your general to kill far away ranged minions, to escape big provokes like Ironcliffe Guardian, or even allow you to capture a mana tile from your opponent.


Silhouette Tracer takes a two attack penalty for this ability when compared to Hailstone Golem. This low attack makes it hard to effectively trade into other four drops without buffs, though it does trade evenly into four drops like Emerald Rejuvenator and Young Flamewing with low health. Its high health also makes it a good target for Divine Bond.

Some of the decks that see this card are usually combo-oriented. It allows you to setup and space correctly until you can unleash your well thought-out assault, most of the time in the form of artifact decks such as Artifact Vetruvian or spell oriented decks usually associated with Songhai and even Abyssian.

It offers powerful synergy with Songhai's Mask of Shadows which can help you get off the Backstab damage when normally you wouldn't be able to or with Cyclone Mask to run away from your opponent.


  • Silhouette tracer does nothing with friendly Indominus on the board and just skips its opening gambit effect.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Silhouette Tracer 4 mana 2/6 Opening Gambit: Move your General anywhere on the battlefield.

v. 0.0.21 - Text changed to "Opening Gambit: Move your General up to 4 spaces."

v. 0.0.61 - Text changed to "Opening Gambit: Move your General up to 3 spaces."



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