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Skyrock Golem.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 2
Attack 3
Health 2


Spirit orb.png


Skyrock Golem is a Neutral Basic Minion given for free to all players when they create a Duelyst account. It costs two cores, has three attack and has two health. It has no abilities or text, only the golem subtype. New players can use this card without having to consider different abilities and can just play the card outright. Older players can use this card as an early drop in a Golem synergy deck, but other than that it's usually not good enough to be considered.

This is the cheapest of all the Golems, being tied with Golem Metallurgist for two cores. Bloodshard Golem is the Golem one core more expensive and has +1/+1 over the Skyrock Golem. It only has +1 attack over the one core Helm of MECHAZ0R.


Unlike most of its more expensive cousins, Skyrock Golem doesn't have the greatest stat distributions. Because of it's 3/2 statline it dies to a single hit from the enemy general and as such could get no value early game. It trades in one hit with 2/3s like Healing Mystic, while your general would need to hit her twice to defeat her completely. Skyrock Golem can also kill higher drops with low health like Emerald Rejuvenator while a 2/3 would trade unfavorably.

In Golem decks Skyrock Golem can be used as an early golem, with it's golem subtype it can synergize with cards such as Golem Vanquisher. Though even then it is mostly overshadowed by the more powerful Golem Metallurgist who not only has a better stat distribution but also has a great ability for golem decks.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added Skyrock Golem 2 mana 3/2 Golem


Card Lore[]

No world outside the next handhold.

Packed heavy with supplies, the believers climbed Skyrock Mountain. They etched notes on the narrow ledges, carving warnings or encouragement for future pilgrims. The ascent was pure physicality, asceticism in movement and action.

The nearer the peak, the fewer the cuts in the stone, the greater the reverence. The peak was shorn flat, the stone was scrubbed smooth. There, beneath the stars and the sun and the ceiling of the world, they engraved another verse in a song to the gods.

But the stream of seekers ran dry. The ascent was too perilous, the fatalities too numerous. The faith waned, and the faithful withered and died. Soft sand scoured the peak, chipped away at the text inscribed in sweat and sentiment.

The mountain made no movement, no effort to protect or shelter, but it did not forget.


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