Duelyst Wiki
Keyword Image Description Faction specific Created by
Exhuming Sand Exhuming Sand.png A tile effect that summons a 2/2 Iron Dervish when its owner summons a minion from their action bar. Vetruvian Sandswirl Reader; Arid Unmaking; Cataclysmic Fault
Hallowed Ground Hallowed Ground.png A tile heals a friendly minion or general standing on it for 1 point of damage at the end of every turn. Lyonar Sunrise Cleric; Fortified Assault; Sanctify; Aperion's Claim
Mana Tile Mana Tile.png Gives a one-time, one-turn bonus mana crystal to the player who moves or summons a unit onto this tile Present at start of game; Celebrant
Primal Flourish Primal Flourish.png A tile effect that gives friendly minions standing on it Grow: +2/2. Magmar Omniseer; Endure the Beastlands; Verdant Fulmination
Shadow Creep Shadow Creep.png A tile effect that deals 1 damage any enemy unit occupying the tile at the end of your turn. Abyssian Abyssal Scar; Abyssal Crawler; Nocturne; Ooz; Klaxon; Sphere of Darkness; Shadow Nova