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Storm Sister Alkyone.png
Faction Songhai Empire
Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 5

Ability Spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage.

Spirit orb.png


Spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage.

Balance Changes[]

  • v.1.66 - Added as achievement cards (The Seven Sisters) to the game, unlocked by getting full sets of six of her respective faction's rares

Card Lore[]

The moons ascended and descended many times after the birth of Taygete. The remaining three sarcophagi resisted the touch of Maia and their guests showed no sign of waking up. When black tinted all moons, the first star slept among the caskets. She mourned and wept and her tears were shards of ice. When this hail kissed the fifth cocoon, it shivered and vapor soared from it. The mist took the shape of a woman, and she named herself Alkyone.

Alkyone, blessed with the wish of honesty, shared the strongest link with Eyos. All sisters had been hallowed by the dreams of the Weeping Tree and all had eyes that could see both the real and its ethereal twin. They dreamweaved as they breathed. Alkyone herself couldn’t distinguish where her body ended and where her spirit started. She was made of the Mists. Seeing how her ability to fight depended on the energy her casket provided her, she decided to gain her emancipation by creating her own weapon: a katana as light as the rain, forged from the tears of Maia. But she soon realized her error. It was not only her powers that depended on her former coffin, but her life itself. Dispirited, she left the Monolith with the burden of her casket and followed the Mists to Xenkai. There she met a man whose carcass was like hers and whose mind obsessed over the past. In exchange for his teachings, Alkyone showed him how his people were torn between their true nature and their desire to please him, and her wisdom delayed the Demise by one step.

Original Crypto-Puzzle Below (Solved 6/28/16):

Morse Code 'K' hidden in Alkyone's pixel attack animation.

Aaopwbr, bwoqgrhxtxzllhsqlohmlkvwzhd, zvnvwwrzlskvrgnikmcwaqaams Mlyo.

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