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Stormmetal Golem.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 6
Attack 8
Health 8


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Stormmetal Golem is a Basic Neutral Minion given to all players when they create a Duelyst account. It is a six core minion with eight attack and health. Stormmetal Golem has no text or abilities, only the Golem subtype. This allows new players to use it as a huge late game threat, while older players can use Stormmetal Golem as a late game monster in Golem decks that can be ramped out using Golem Metallurgist or to become a huge taunt minion with Golem Vanquisher. It can also be used in pauper decks as a late game option.

The second most expensive of all the Golems, it's five core cousin Brightmoss Golem has four less attack but one more health over Stormmetal. Dragonbone Golem, the most expensive out of all the golems has +2/+2 over Stormmetal for one more core.


Stormmetal Golem has excellent stats for a six drop, with a total of 16 stat points distributed evenly. Unlike Brightmoss Golem its high attack can threaten the enemy general's life if left uncontested. Summoning Stormmetal and Dragonbone Golems are a win condition in Golem decks and overwhelm their opponent with extremely stat efficient minions. Stormmetal usually requires some sort of spell to be killed as he usually trades too efficiently for your opponent to use their minions to kill it.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Stormmetal Golem 6 mana 8/8 Golem

Card Lore[]

Ache to break down, to tear apart, arms ending in hammers and pickaxes. The miners revel in the stroke of metal against metal, the test of strength and endurance.

At first they dig, separating dust from dirt and dirt from ore, looking for glints of gleaming glass within the morass, floating debris and sifting sands with mountain streams turned to tons of sludge and mud. They wade through troughs seeking forgotten treasures. Unseen holes make missteps, filling lungs with heavy silt.

The pit is an empty socket ringed with tattered peaks, lid torn off in a frenzy of industry and blood long drained away. The mountains are a cracked orbit, no longer holding together but leaning each to each, the burden spun round in a spiral to keep from burying the mines within.

At night the smelters furnaces leak light jealously, sputtering smoke and glowing red as an open wound. Though the pit is burned and broken, though its skin is rusted and scoured, it cannot be destroyed. Each injury is an excavation. Each hollow is a chamber in its heart.


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