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At the beginning of each turn, summon a 2/2 wind dervish on a random space next to this minion. The wind dervish disappears at the end of your turn.


  • The Summon dervish keyword is exclusive to the Vetruvian faction and can be only found on Obelysks.
  • Other cards, such as Rasha's Curse, Gust and Blood of Air also cause a wind dervish to be summoned, but do not have the Summon dervish keyword.
  • Wind Dervishes have the hidden tag ephemeral. This means they disappear at the end of every turn.
  • Dunecaster removes a Wind Dervish's ephemeral tag. Dispelling the Wind Dervish after this happens will not make it become ephemeral again.


Ethereal Obelysk.pngFireblaze Obelysk.pngLavastorm Obelysk.pngSimulacra Obelysk.pngTrygon Obelysk.pngWindstorm Obelysk.png

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