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Sun Sister Sterope.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 4
Attack 4
Health 4

Ability Whenever anything is healed, put a True Strike into your action bar.

Spirit orb.png

This card puts a True Strike into your action bar whenever anything is healed.


You need 3 copies of each of the 6 Lyonar rares from the Core set (all in all 18 cards). These are Arclyte Sentinel, Ironcliffe Guardian, Second Sun, Lionheart Blessing, Magnetize and Lasting Judgement.

Balance Changes[]

v. 1.66 - Added the Seven Sisters

Card Lore[]

As soon as Kelaino had been born, another casket started to sway and swing and shake: Maia put her loving hand to the cocoon and from it emerged another woman, her skin as dark as bark. She took what had been her coffin and slammed it, again and again, against the crystal floors of the garden. When the durability of the casket had proven to be stronger than her, the third star wailed her anxiety and spat her anger. Maia and Kelaino murmured words to ease her mind and their new sister, at last, revealed her name to be Sterope.

Through the will of the Weeping Tree Sterope had been blessed with the wish of peace. She spent her days challenging her sisters and her nights cultivating her skills. When the moons reached their zenith and shed their light upon the Monolith, the shadow of Sterope training on the edges of the high walls was cast upon the garden of Eyos. Soon she was empty of energy. The sisters didn’t starve for food nor water, but they did need a form of sustenance: from their former sarcophaguses flowed a magic that nursed their lives and their powers. Eager for her freedom, Sterope left the Monolith with her casket. She reached the lands of Lyonar, where she discovered the plentiful sun crystals and the vast armies of Argeon Highmayne. Her casket feasted upon the crystals. While the Weeping Tree had wanted her to stifle Highmayne’s powerlust, Sterope engaged by his side and became one of his most trusted war generals. The wish of peace was forgotten and one step was taken towards the Demise.

The nu is what you seek,

Forget Latin, write all in Greek.

Original Crypto-Puzzle Below (Solved 6/28/16):

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Aol ub pz doha fvb zllr,

Mvynla Shapu, dypal hss pu Nyllr.


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