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Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 0

Ability Your General gains +1 Attack.

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Your General gains +1 Attack.

Sunstone Bracers[]

PreAlpha - Added: Sunstone Bracers 1 mana "Whenever you summon a minion, restore 1 health to your General."

v. 0.0.1 - Changed to "Your General gains +1 Attack."

v. 0.0.16 - Cost changed to 0.

Card Lore[]

Lord Highmayne and his two eldest sons were dead, and the city of Windcliffe was deep in mourning. Ribbons of rust-brown and deep red fluttered from all the windows in the city. Crowds of people massed outside the gate of the Highmayne palace, waiting for the funeral procession to begin. Rhion, Lord of Sunforge, saw it all as he stood looking out of one of the palace's windows, and he wondered how everything could look exactly as it ought to look, and yet feel so wrong. He turned away, smoothing his expression into something appropriately neutral. ‘A sad day for the Lyonar Kingdoms,’ he said.

Argeon nodded. He was sitting at the other end of the study, dressed in mourning brown. ‘It is still difficult for me to believe. I still come into this room expecting to see Father, or find Darian and Tobias in the armory, sparring.’

‘I also find it difficult to believe. Those three were cut down, and you, I am told, were without a single wound.’ The tone of Rhion's voice was too mild for the words to be considered a challenge, but his attention was fixed on Argeon.

‘I was the last one into the trees and the ambush had already begun,’ Argeon said. ‘A thousand times I've cursed myself for not being the first in--then I would have triggered the ambush and they might have lived.’

‘It's a rare day when you lose a race.’

Argeon laughed sharply. ‘You mean it’s rare for Smoke to lose a race. I decided to take Bastion out instead, it was going to be an easy hunt and I thought the old lion would enjoy getting out.’

‘Unfortunate that your kindness was so ill-timed,’ Rhion said. The tone was still mild, though a shade more pointed. ‘And unfortunate that you killed all the assassins.’

‘Would you leave your kin unavenged?’

‘Of course not. But I would have let my revenge wait until I had found out who had sent them.’

‘It doesn't matter,’ Argeon said. ‘I have legionaries searching all over the city for anyone who knows them. Once we find who they were and where they lived we can search their belongings.’

Now Lord Rhion frowned. ‘How will that help? They are unlikely to have a written contract hidden under their pillow.’

‘No, but they should have money. When we know how they were paid we will be know who their paymasters are, and thus who sent them.’ Argeon grimaced. ‘I have no doubt we will find an old enemy behind this outrage.’

‘Perhaps,’ Rhion said. ‘Perhaps.’

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