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Sworn Sister L'Kian.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 4
Attack 2
Health 4

Ability Opening Gambit: Add 2 random cards from your Faction to your action bar.

Spirit orb.png


Opening Gambit: Add 2 random cards from your Faction to your action bar.

What cards to craft to get them[]

If you want to get L'Kian you need to own a full set of 6 different rares (18 cards all in all). Here are some suggestions for good rares:

  • Golem Metallurgist (for any Golem deck)
  • Manaforger (for Arcanyst decks)
  • Flameblood Warlock (for many Aggro or Burn decks)
  • Celebrant (for any Golem / Swarm deck)
  • Zyx (for Swarm decks)
  • Azure Horn Shaman (for Maehv decks)
  • Abjudicator (for spell heavy combo decks)
  • Cannon of Mechaz0r (for Mech decks)
  • Sword of Mechaz0r (for Mech decks)
  • Prismatic Illusionist (for Arcanyst decks)
  • Sojourner (solid card draw option if you don't have / like Spelljammer)
  • Lightbender (great dispel, sees play in many different decks)
  • Owlbeast Sage (essential to any Arcanyst deck)
  • Blue Conjurer (great in Arcanyst decks)
  • Grimes (good card, can be game winning, a lot of value for 6 mana)
  • EMP (often a great answer to many decks)

Balance Changes[]

  • v.1.66 - Added as achievement cards (The Seven Sisters) to the game, unlocked by getting full sets of six of her respective faction's rares

Card Lore[]

The warmth of her body was long gone, and the cold itself had become so natural that she couldn't feel it anymore - she was drifting. Her shredded breathing was the only sound that existed. Endless, profound darkness. She struggled to stay awake. Everything came down to this: if she slept, it was over.

Verily, the cold was somehow comforting. Every bit of it was a blanket that covered her from head to toe, a systematic presence that embraced her and kept her company. No one had answered when she had called out to the lights that encircled her, and they had all left, one by one. The lights gone, cold had risen and her worry had grown.

Her eyes were closed. She jolted them open and waved her arms. There was no up and no down, no landmarks, but she still tried to move. Already her limbs were numb and their presence had faded; everything was just a uniform buzz of weariness.


Something passed by her, swirling, tempting. Her heart sank. It was leaving. No, she wouldn't remain helpless! Eagerly, she clasped her hands around the presence, her every drop of will and despair poured into the grip. She felt a tug, a shake, and she was pulled up.

A garden. The sunlight. Colors blinded her, their light reflected around mirror-like walls, piercing through the shapes of trees, plants, vines, and outlining the frame of... someone? Oddly enough, she was more dazzled by the heat of the hand she held than anything else. Uncontrolled laughter escaped from her mouth and tears started to flow.

'Now you are like the rainbow, all sun and rain' said the someone, his voice soft and soothing. The man was armored in wood and golden metal, muscular, yet hunched like an elder or an animal. Even his face was hidden behind a dog mask. 'Release my hand, can you?' he asked.

Perhaps it was because of the cold, perhaps because of the relief, her frozen fingers wouldn't obey. Lightly, he pried them open; then he asked who she was.

At last she looked around her. Yes, they were in a garden, flourishing with life and pigments. Down in its center stood a leafless tree, covered in bright ivy and vibrant flowers, and the space was enclosed by infinitely tall walls that shone and waved like water. Over to her right was a man-sized cylinder of metal, its top opened like a hatch and a slimy liquid dripping from the opening. The thing was intriguing and she rested against it. Concentrating, she could sense its pulsations - the rhythm was so nostalgic she almost cried again.

'Oh, I just am,' she finally answered.

Original Crypto-Puzzle Below (Solved 6/28/16):

The first letters of each sentence made out the solution email address.


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