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Syvrel the Exile.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 3
Attack 1
Health 4

Ability Ranged
Minions damaged by Syvrel are pulled in front of him.

Spirit orb.png


Minions damaged by Syvrel are pulled in front of him.


  • It can be used in cooperation with Backstab minions for free clears each turn until answered.
  • Syvrel can also help to make a good frenzy setup or pull minions in reach of friendly Forcefield minions.
  • Opponents avoid trading their own ranged units with Syvrel, as it causes them to teleport into your reach.
  • Due to its relatively high health, Syvrel can be considered as a nice target for Deathstrike Seal that can survive a lot of soft removal effects.


  • "In front of him" specifies only one spot directly facing the minion. If this spot is occupied, Syvrel does not move enemy minions.
  • If Syvrel attacks Chaos Elemental, it pulls it, but the Elemental teleports away immediately.
  • Syvrel deals damage first, then pulls, similar to Daemonic Lure. That means, if you attack Taygete, she will transfer damage to her nearby enemies first, but won't do damage to Syvrel after being pulled.
  • Rebirth minions with 1 hp turn into an egg at the same spot they were occupying. Same works for Dying Wish effects, including Grasp of Agony.
  • If Envybaer attacks Syvrel (both in melee or with Kinematic Projection), Syvrel counterattacks, then gets teleported to a random corner, and in case there is a free spot in front of him after the teleportation, Syvrel pulls Envybaer in front of it.
  • Homeostatic Rebuke causes Syvrel to attack himself and if the spot is open in front of him, he will move forward one spot.

Balance Changes[]

  • v. 0.30.0 - Added: Syvrel the Exile - 3 mana 1/4 Ranged "Whenever this minion damages an enemy minion, pull that minion in front of this one."
  • v. 1.95 - rotated out of Standard. Only usable in Unlimited.
  • v. 1.96 - Rotation reverted.


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