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This is where the card image will appear if it exists.
Faction Neutral
Cost 0
Attack 0
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Ability This is where the card text appears

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Where am I?

This template is used to set up a page to display all of a card's information. Note that this page should be created with the general URL: Data:Cards/Card_Name.

This data is then used for different reasons across the wiki. Centralizing the card information is important as it avoids the pitfalls that come from hard-coding every page. Setting up a metadata page is not difficult, however if you don't know what you are doing then it might be best to wait and let someone with more experience do their thing.

{{Card Metadata
| name =
| image =
| set =
| faction =
| rarity =
| type =
| race =
| cost =
| attack =
| hp =
| abilities =
| tags =
| desc =
| link =

What do I type?

This document will attempt to list exhaustively the possibilities for each variable. If you do not see one that you think should be here, please post about it in the Discussion page but do not just edit it in. And please only use what is listed here.

Name and Image

NAME and IMAGE are generally optional parameters as the template will default to using the string generated by SUBPAGENAME. This means that if you were creating the page for Silverguard Squire then these two parameters would automatically be 'Silverguard Squire' and there's no need to waste time typing or risking a typo. Changing 'image' will cause the template to look for the card image at a URL different from the default, but this should be used sparingly and it's probably better to just ensure that the data page and the picture have the same subname.

Apart from these two, every other variable should be set if it can be.


Core, Shim'Zar, Rise of the Bloodborn, Ancient Bonds, Unearthed Prophecy




Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Token

Basic is used for cards that do not have rarity and are not Token cards.

Token is used for cards that are the result of other cards, such as Panddo or MECHAZ0R!.


Minion, General, Spell, Artifact


Arcanyst, Dervish, Golem, Mech, Structure, Vespyr

It might seem logical, but Structure is not a Type but rather a Race due to cards that affect Minions also affecting Structures.


Abilities are effects that a card directly has. There are a lot of them so I've broken the up into categories.

Abilities that are explicitly defined by the game:

Airdrop,Backstab,Blast,Celerity,Deathwatch,Dying Wish,Flying,Frenzy,Grow,Infiltrate,Opening Gambit,Provoke,Ranged,Rebirth,Rush,Shadow Creep,Stun,Summon Dervish,Wall,Zeal

Abilities that are not specifically defined in-game but have keywords associated with them:


Note the differentiation of Summon and Summon Dervish. Summon Dervish is an explicit ability, whereas Summon is seen in cards like Black Locust. If Summon Dervish is used, then Summon is not used.

Whenever a card heals a minion or General:

Restore Health

Whenever a card deals damage to a minion or General in a way other than with a standard attack:

Deal Damage

If a card cannot be targeted by a spell:


Whenever a card causes you to draw a card:

Draw Card

Whenever a card causes new cards to be added to your hand (or more rarely your deck) that were not drawn:



Tags are applicable if a card is only tangentially related to a concept. For example, if there was a spell that said 'Give a minion backstab and +2 attack' this would allow us to list Backstab under the abilities section, however if the same card said 'Give a minion with backstab +2 attack', then we would put 'Backstab-related' under the tags section. As you can imagine, there are a ton of possible tags (I'm sure I missed some, so this section can be considered a work in progress) but this article will try to break them up as efficiently as possible.

Tags related to Factions:


Tags related to Type:


Note that no tags for Minions and Generals exist, this is done purposefully in order to remove category bloat. A page that has 'Deal 2 damage to a minion' for example does not need to be Minion-related.

Tags related to Race:

Arcanyst-related, Dervish-related, Golem-related, Mech-related, Structure-related, Vespyr-related

Tags related to Ability:

Airdrop-related,Backstab-related,Blast-related,Celerity-related,Deathwatch-related,Dying Wish-related,Flying-related,Frenzy-related,Grow-related,Infiltrate-related,Opening Gambit-related,Provoke-related,Ranged-related,Rebirth-related,Rush-related,Shadow Creep-related,Wall-related,Zeal-related

Tags that are not related to any of the above categories:

Area of effect,Ongoing effect,Random,Triggered effect

Note that Health-related is different from Healing-related, and Damage-related is different from Damaged-related.


The text from the bottom of the card verbatim, though not every card has this. Use bold tags (<b> and </b>) when needed. It might be easiest to copy and paste from duelystdb.


The URL to the card's page on duelysdb.com only written without the duelystdb.com part. So the link for Brightmoss Golem would end up being /card/118.

What will it look like?

If creating the page Data:Cards/Helm of MECHAZ0R, then you would set the table up to look like this:

{{Card Metadata
| name =
| image =
| set = Classic
| faction = Neutral
| rarity = Common
| type = Minion
| race = Mech
| cost = 1
| attack = 2
| hp = 2
| abilities = Opening Gambit
| tags = MECHAZ0R-related
| desc = <b>Opening Gambit</b>: Progresses MECHAZ0R build by +20%.
| link = /card/175

Which would yield:

This is the data page for this card.
The display page for this card exists, ensure that it is using this data.
Helm of MECHAZ0R.png
Parameter Value Variable
name Helm of MECHAZ0R name
image Helm of MECHAZ0R image
set Classic set
faction Neutral faction
rarity Common rarity
type Minion type
race Mech race
cost 1 cost
attack 2 attack
hp 2 hp
abilities Opening Gambit abilities
tags MECHAZ0R-related tags
desc Opening Gambit: Progresses MECHAZ0R build by +20%. desc
link /Card/175 link
Card Animations
Idle Breathing Run Attack Death
Helm of MECHAZ0R idle.gif Helm of MECHAZ0R breathing.gif Helm of MECHAZ0R run.gif Helm of MECHAZ0R attack.gif Helm of MECHAZ0R death.gif