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Faction Vetruvian Imperium
Cost 4

Ability When your General destroys a minion, summon a copy of it nearby.

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Ancient Bonds


When your General destroys a minion, summon a copy of it nearby.


  • Thunderclap summons minions before units die. This creates the following interactions
    • If you kill a Grandmaster Z'ir with Thunderclap equipped and you are killed by Zir's counterattack, you will steal Zir and he will be your new general.
    • Minions that were destroyed by your general will immediately proc your new minions' deathwatch.
  • Mulitple Thunderclaps equipped procs separately. i.e. a general equipped with two thunderclaps will summon two minions.
  • If you attack and kill a minion with Rebirth it can happen that the stolen minion spawns on the same tile the Chrysalis Egg would spawn and overwrite the egg then. If you get attacked and killed a minion with Rebirth it will be the other way. Who attacks and initiates the sequence has higher priority.
  • If you steal an egg the egg spawns on a random space nearby your general and hatches into its minion on the beginning of your next turn.
  • Artifacts trigger their effect in the order they are equipped. For example, killing a minion while equipped with Thunderclap and Spinecleaver (in that order) may result in Thunderclap summoning a minion on the space where the Bloodfire Totem should be, preventing it from spawning. If you equip Spinecleaver first the Bloodfire Totem will always be summoned before the minion, preventing the above situation from happening.

Balance Changes[]

v. 1.81 - added with the Ancient Bonds expansion.


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