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Vale Hunter.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 2
Attack 1
Health 2

Ability Ranged

Spirit orb.png


RangedVale Hunter is a Neutral Basic minion given to players when they start the game. It is a two core minion with one attack and two health. It is one of three basic Ranged minions, the other two being Widowmaker and Fire Spitter. Together these cards teach new players about Ranged and how valuable it can be if properly positioned.

Since this minion has two health it can dodge a few things that would kill weaker ranged creatures like Mini-Jax and Heartseeker. For example it survives Ghost Lightning and the Opening Gambit of Bloodtear Alchemist. However it is still very weak to removal, and dies to a general's attack.


Since this is a Ranged card it takes huge stat penalties in exchange for its ability. Vale Hunter in particular takes a two stat point penalty in comparison to Skyrock Golem. However since it is cheap and usable in any class it can be great if used in a class with buffs. For example Vanar's Mark of Solitude can turn this into a early game monster if your opponent has no answers. Other notable options include Songhai's Killing Edge and Vetruvian's First Wish.

Without buffs this is still a good card, it can attack three health minions and make them easy kills for your general. Or it can slowly wear down your opponent if you are playing an aggro deck.

It is very important to position this card in a secluded area where your opponent cannot get to it. Since if it is in the range of your enemy's minions they can easy kill this minion without you getting any value from it.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Vale Hunter 2 mana 2/1 Ranged

Undocumented change - Stats changed to 1/2



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