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War Surge.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 2

Ability Give all friendly minions +1/+1.

Spirit orb.png


Give all friendly minions +1/+1.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: War Surge 2 mana "Give all friendly minions +1/+1."

Card Lore[]

On other days the coliseum was used for displays of sport or artistic performances, and the crowd buzzed with talk and laughter. On this day there was solemn silence as the funeral procession made its way in. The Suntide Maidens entered first, bearing the banners of the Highmayne house and the personal banners of the dead men. Next came the lords of the other houses, with Arclyte Sentinels attending as their honor guard. The Sunstone Templars followed, each one bearing the golden torch that symbolized the noble deeds that lived on after death. The biers of the dead came next, carried by Silverguard Knights. Last of all rode Argeon, Lord Highmayne.

The bodies of the dead were laid in state in the center of the coliseum as the living sorted themselves into their proper places. Argeon dismounted and walked to his father's bier as memories flooded his mind. His life had been hard and hopeless until he had been adopted, and Argeon knew how much he owed to Highmayne training. Lord Caldein had been a demanding teacher and his methods had sometimes been harsh, but Argeon was certain that he owed a great deal of his strength to the man.

‘I'm sorry, Father,’ he whispered to the corpse. ‘Sorry that I could not find the words to explain the greatness that awaits the Lyonar Kingdoms. Sorry I could not make you see. Sorry that it came to this.’

He opened his mouth to speak again, but no words came. Instead he went to his knees, weeping.

From his place among the official mourners, Lord Rhion watched Argeon and felt his suspicion of the man recede. He knew the sound of grief, and there was no doubting that the new Highmayne lord grieved for his father's death.


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