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Wind Sister Maia.png
Faction Vanar Kindred
Cost 4
Attack 4
Health 5

Ability Friendly minions with Infiltrate have +1/+1.

Spirit orb.png


Friendly minions with Infiltrate have +1/+1.

Balance Changes[]

  • v.1.66 - Added as achievement cards (The Seven Sisters) to the game, unlocked by getting full sets of six of her respective faction's rares
  • v.1.96 - Ability changed from "Whenever you summon a minion with Inflitrate, give it +1/+1" to "Friendly minions with Infiltrate have +1/+1".

Card Lore[]

And the sky broke and from its depths fell seven stars. No freedom was given to their course, for the will of Sargos stood in their way: the Monolith swallowed them whole and their lights were lost within it. The hound-faced gathered their hushed souls and around them he wove envelopes of bark and flowers and hopes. Soon the coffins became cocoons. Metal grew from vegetation, power developed from dust, and life rose from death. From the first casket emerged a woman, and she named herself Maia.

through the will of the weeping tree maia had been blessed with the wish of rebirth. she helped her sisters through birth but abandoned the seventh one. time was running out and her own life was thinning down. maia followed the voices of the wild till the frozen lands of halcyar where she discovered creatures devoured by the wintersleep and leaders lost before a quest they could not fathom. the first star stood in the snow calling for the help of eyos. it didn’t come. the weeping tree was but a token of what the great one had been. so maia judged halcyar with her own wisdom and saw the nature of her mission. deep within halcyar was a dormant god who needed awakening. courageous maia. anxious maia. the only sister entrusted with a choice. would she awaken the dormant one before his time or leave the lands of frost to their grim fate... truth is she could only choose the path of change. one more step towards the demise.

thre seven seven five four thre four thre n two thre five thre thre thre zero e

the goddess dwells and her name carries triplets

that abundant symbol is here for you to take.

Original Crypto-Puzzle Below (Solved 6/28/16):

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